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Chinese President Xi spoke at many occasions about the need to develop sponge cities that naturally accumulate, filter, and purify rainwater. In The Information Office of the State Council on Promoting the Construction of Sponge Cities(No.75 document [2015] of The Information Office of the State Council), the Chinese government has clearly outlined the targets, tasks and timetable for sponge city construction, which has since become the driving force behind the government's new urbanization policy nationwide.

The construction of sponge city can help to facilitate urban development transformation, advance supply-side reform and develop urban infrastructure in a more systematic way. It is very significant for improving the urban ecological environment and disaster prevention and mitigation capabilities of cities, increasing quality ecological products supply and amplifying people's sense of gains and happiness.

The 2018 International Sponge City Conference is intended to provide a forum for cities to summarize the experience gained from China's sponge city initiative in a comprehensive way, and to promote international communications and exchange of ideas. Therefore it is expected that China can benefit from experience gained in other countries and also can contribute greatly to the international community via its comprehensive and large-scaled implementation of green infrastructure through the sponge city construction efforts.